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The Capital Winter Club (CWC), is proud to announce ten of their club members have surpassed the present World Record for longest continuous curling game, by curling for over 120 hours. As they await certification of their World Record the group, that has already raised over $202,000 to date to benefitting youth mental health programs through the charity is looking to grow that number to $400,000.


The CWC curlers played 387 ends, delivered 6192 curling stones with a final score of 436 - 208. The team comprised of 10 curlers ranging in age from 33 to 65, the eldest member being 2014 Canadian Senior Men’s World Champion, Wayne Tallon. Abiding by the rules of continuous play, each person took turns curling for an 8-hour shift followed by a two-hour break.

It all started when the co-organizers, Steven Burns and Chris Schnare noticed a sign on the wall at CWC of a previously held record in 1982. “Let’s bring the world record back to our home club and use the opportunity to fundraise for a great cause,” said Chris Schnare.

The most recent record held by a group in Ontario was just over 105 hours. The CWC curlers surpassed the record at approximately 6:10 PM Friday night but pushed through to hit the new record of 120 hours at 9:00AM on Saturday. They are now just waiting to have the record certified as the new world record.

Shortly after they completed the 120-hour marathon, the J.T. Clark Family Foundation approached the group with a challenge.

If they raise a total of $300,000, the foundation will donate an additional $50,000. Burns was motivated by this and agreed to match the $50,000 through the Sara Burns Forever Fund, a fund established in 2018 in memory of his late wife. Burns, the father of three young boys who lost their mom in the tragic 2018 shooting of two Fredericton Police Officers and two civilians, said “I see the challenges young people face with mental health every day with my own kids and I know it’s a constant struggle for many.”

If the challenge is met the CWC Cares team will raise over $400,000 for Youth Mental Health.


In 1982 a group of Curlers from the Capital Winter Club curled for 73 hours and 54 minutes setting the world record on April 12. That group of Mike Doucette, Brian Douglas, Don Clark, Tony Doucette, Walter Bidlake, Ned Boyle, Mark Pitkin and Stan Sullivan are the inspiration behind this latest attempt.

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